Strainer Filters

Leading Manufacturer of Strainer Filters in India

We design and manufacture of Fabricated Strainers Manufacturers, Y Type Stainer Filter, filters and strainers for Guard and Protection service. These are used in piping system handling any liquid or gas to remove contaminate that would other wise damage the performance of equipment of such as pump etc. That’s why Filters and strainers are give the life against the harm full material.

Technical Data

  • No tools are required for maintenance
  • High Pressure withstand capacity
  • Easy operating system for maintenance
  • Quick release arrangements for speedy maintenance
  • On – Line / Off line mounting

Available Different Size

Available Design

Y Type Strainer Filter
T Type Strainer Filter
Basket Type Water Filter

Make Of Construction

Stainless Steel , M.S. , C.S. etc


  • Filter for Power Industry
  • Filter for Gas Industry
  • Filter for Marine Industry
  • Filter for Automotive Industry
  • Filter for Mining Industry
  • Filter for Oil Industry
  • Filter for Metals Industry
  • Filter for Chemical Industry
  • Filter for Water Industry
  • Filter for Food Industry

Strainer Filters Manufacturer

HSRP Enterprises is a leading Strainer filter manufacturer and supplier in Tamil Nadu,  India. It allows filtering of a massive style of liquid and keeps strong additives of any size.

We offer a massive style of strainer filters which make sure the powerful filtration of virtually all sorts of fluids. These filters are easy to clear out, with their lid hinge pins which make it easy to clean character strainer filters. The furnished filter housing is fabricated from welded metal or acid-evidence stainless metal. A filter is a device that eliminates particles from a given liquid or gas. It consists of a disposable medium for casting off remains of targeted micron sizes. All strainers are filters, however all filters aren’t strainers.

A strainer is best one sort of filter. Our Strainer filters also are furnished with sturdy magnetic rods for the powerful keeping again of magnetic particles. The main benefit of a Strainer is that it is reusable. The filter display is best used as soon as and have to be modified at the same time as it obstruct. Our Strainer filters are functionally advanced and had been mounted in lots of reputed initiatives in distinct sectors like Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Power, Chemical Power and Process Industries. These are generally used to seize scales, stable particles, dust, sand etc., which might also additionally harm machines like valves, Pumps, Blowers, Sprayers, etc. Save your device and price with LNG filters. While smooth fluids can assist maximize the reliability and lifetime of any mechanical system, they are specifically critical with solenoid valves. This is due to the fact solenoid valves are very touchy to dust and could simplest feature well with smooth beverages or air. If any solids input the stream, it may disrupt or even harm the complete system. Therefore, a strainer filter is extremely good complimentary component.